Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What the hell isn't Google doing?

So recently, it seems google is coming out with endless new projects, and endless rumors to these projects. In recent history, after the search engine came out, they have created a myriad of projects like Gmail, Google Messenger, Google Earth AND Sky, Google News and whatnot. Google has also bought youtube, is not working with Blogger, and still has more projects rumored to come about. So why are they doing all of this?

Sources say that these projects result of employees being allowed to work on their own projects. Then the question arises, why does Google allow employees to work on these. It might be that google wants employees to enjoy their work. That is very likely to be a part of it. However, it seems the logical conclusion is google wants to be in on the next big thing. After the search engine, google hasn't exactly put out another project that can caught on like the search engine did. In allowing employees to work on individual projects, google is increasing their chances to creating "the next big thing."

However, there might be another reason behind all of this. Google appears to be trying to keep its image as a groundbreaker, and a pathfinder. Despite any huge hits other than the search engine, Google's stock has still risen. By buying youtube, and continuing with other new projects, Google's reputation stays where it is, and such confidence helps it stock. News such as google employees 1 dollar salaries only help boost consumer confidence.

Alas, these are all guesses. The only real question is what will come next.

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